Private Jet Charter 

We at Corporate Air Travel Solutions (C.A.T.S.) are acutely aware that busy executives and individuals traveling for work or pleasure suffer long delays and difficulties when traveling on commercial airlines.

We offer clients a first class on-demand air charter service, with the convenience and on-time performance conventional airlines cannot deliver. A multitude of small to large category business aircraft are available to our customers. See Sample Jet Specifications

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Our clients benefit from a wide choice of aircraft to suit individual needs, which may include, time constraints, privacy or security concerns, in-flight amenities and cabin space. Budget factors are taken into consideration, and the best solutions implemented.

You will of course need a private jet charter service from an experienced, safe Charter Operator.

Corporate Air Travel Solutions will only use Charter Operators that are ARG/US audited and rated at Gold or higher standard, to ensure you receive the safest service available.

Note: As with any business expense, corporate air travel can be deducted at the corporate tax level and, if ownership is desired, depreciation is an available and appealing option.

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